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How it works?

Raising money with GiftFrog is
fast, easy and effective


1. Create Your Campaign

Create your fundraiser for free. Tell your story in words, pictures and videos. Start raising money in just minutes. We give you help and advice every step of the way.

2. Share with Community

Share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, websites, blogs and email. GiftFrog engages your supporters and grows your funding.

3. Receive funds

Collect secure online payments via credit cards, debit and PayPal. With ourĀ Keep It AllĀ option, you can access the money immediately.

Fundraising Examples

See an example of how your campaign will look

Customized Fundraiser Page

Beautiful, mobile-friendly fundraising page loaded with everything you will need to launch a successful fundraising campaign. Insert photos, videos, payment methods, social media sharing and so much more…

Easy for Donors

We keep it simple so your potential donors are able to safely and quickly donate funds. With fast payment processing and secure sites your donors will love their experience.

Unlimited Campaigns, Users & Pages

Need to run campaigns for multiple fundraising objectives, no problem! Want to enlist friends
and family to help you raise money? Our platform makes it simple for them to setup their own goals under your campaign. Bottom line, our platform integrates everything you’ll ever need to exceed your fundraising goals.

Raise More Via Social Media

Our platform will link directly into Facebook allowing you to enlist Facebook friends of your choosing to help you raise funds for your cause. Plus, our integration will automatically send campaign updates, contributions, likes and comments to your Facebook timeline and as a result in the News Feed of your friends!

Offer Perks

Provide small “thank you” gifts or perks (such as t-shirts, coupons etc…) in exchange for donations! You can also create “wish list” items you need so your donors can sponsor those items for you (travel tickets, equipment etc…)

Many Ways to Collect

Our platform integrates with PayPal, Stripe and WePay using debit/credit cards. GiftFrog can also be used in any country with the ability to send and receive payments supported by our payment processors!

Fast & Secure

Your donors’ privacy is respected, funds are safe, and money received is immediately deposited into your account.