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    Top 5 Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

    Are you stuck at home and bummed up about not being able to have the baby shower you’ve been planning for months? Or is it that you and your friends are continents apart from each other?

    Either way, the baby and its mom deserve to be celebrated, which is why virtual baby showers are all the rage, especially in 2020.
    This post will discuss the top five virtual baby shower ideas to help you make it as memorable and fun as possible. So if you’re planning one, keep reading!


    Things to Do for Your Virtual Baby Shower

    Here are some ideas you might want to incorporate in your event:

    A Theme
    Like every baby shower, your virtual event needs a theme. It could be anything you want – even selecting a dress code or color will make it all feel special.

    Decide on a color that everyone will wear. It could be your baby’s gender (if you’ve already revealed it) or any color of your choice.
    If you want, you can also ask everyone to follow a dress code. Do you want everyone to wear casual shirts? Or perhaps, something fancy like a cocktail dress? It’s up to you!

    Venue Decor
    Since it’s a virtual event, there’s not much you can do about decorations. But even little things can make a big difference when it comes to virtual baby showers.

    For instance, websites like Zoom allow you to set the background of your virtual meeting. Adding a pink or blue background that says something cute or funny can really amp things up.

    Also, you can put up decorations on the wall behind you. Hang up some shimmery sequins in the color of your choice and throw some fairy lights on top of them to put yourself in a festive mood.

    All that sounds great, but what do you do about gifts? One solution is using platforms like GiftFrog that allow you to make a personalized baby shower fundraiser.

    So instead of people going through the trouble of sending gifts, they can send money your way within a few clicks.

    Just sign up to quickly make a campaign page that you can share with your friends and family, and let them send you money via credit/debit cards or PayPal. They won’t even have to make a Giftfrog account to send the money – pretty convenient, isn’t it?

    Fun Games and Drinks
    What’s a party without some drinks and games? Obviously, the mom-to-be can’t drink alcohol, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t enjoy non-alcoholic drinks and have a good time.

    Plus, you can try playing games in the meeting while sipping your drinks. For instance, you can play guessing games like guessing the name of some baby products or betting on the baby’s delivery date or gender. Who’s to say that virtual baby showers can’t be fun?

    Lastly, you want to have memories of your event, even if it was short and held virtually. If you’re using Zoom, you can easily record the meeting. For other apps, you can take screenshots of the event, print it out, and frame them to remember the special day.

    Final Word
    Talking to some friends can be very stress-relieving for the mom-to-be, which is why baby showers are always a good idea – even if they’re held through a laptop screen. Try incorporating the virtual baby shower ideas we listed above to experience and enjoy the event to the fullest.

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