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    What are Some of the Best Fundraising Ideas?

    Are you brainstorming for some of the best fundraising ideas and how to gather more donations for your cause or project? Often, deciding upon a strategy for raising funds can be a real head-scratcher.

    If you’re in the same situation, At GiftFrog, we’ve compiled some of the most popular and fool-proof fundraising ideas below. You want something that attracts people, gets them engaged, but also raises big money. If that’s what you’re looking for, read on!

    5 Fundraising Ideas that Work

    Fundraisers don’t always make a lot of money, so we’ve listed some surefire ideas that work for different communities:

    Online Gaming Tournament
    Recently, people have raised thousands and even millions through online gaming, and you too can do so.

    If you know an online gaming influencer, you can ask them to partner with you and live-stream a gaming marathon. The people who will join the live-stream can choose to donate while watching.

    This works because people are more motivated to donate when they see their favorite influencer supporting a cause.

    Alternatively, you can ask gamers in your community to compete against each other in an online battle, and the entry fee can be used as donations. Be sure to give the winner a worthy prize!

    Battle of the Bands
    Everyone loves concerts, so why not organize one to raise awareness for your cause? Begin by inviting some local bands in your area to compete against each other. This will attract many people to watch their favorite local bands live and give the artists a platform to showcase their talent.

    The money you gather through the entry tickets can go to charity. Plus, you can easily get sponsors for such events since it’ll be gathering a large crowd.

    Birthday Fundraiser
    Nothing works quite like selfless acts such as birthday fundraisers to attract donors. Instead of people giving you presents on your birthday, you can ask them to donate money for your cause.

    You and your team members can do this by using a free online fundraising platform, such as GiftFrog. It allows you to create an attractive page for your campaign and explain your cause in a motivating way.

    Plus, it makes it easy to share your page on all sorts of social media sites, and donating is quicker than ever – simple, effortless, and fuss-free.

    Let’s admit it: we all enjoy devouring cakes and pastries. This is why bake sales and baking contests work so well for fundraising.

    You can involve baking in a lot of ways. Invite your team to sell homemade baked goods, hold a baking contest, or sell your baked goods door-to-door – it’s up to you. And the good news is, baking fundraisers usually attract sponsors, so there’s a good chance you can get one, too!

    Apparel sells fast, especially if the design is attractive. Hence, you can start a fundraiser for a nonprofit or individual by designing T-shirts and selling them to your friends, family, and community. Plus, T-shirts are basically walking billboards for your cause – the more, the better.

    You can also hold a contest where people can design their T-shirts and compete against each other. The winning design gets a prize and is used for your campaign, and the contest’s entry-fee can also be donated.

    Final Words
    Our list has something for everyone – food enthusiasts, artists, gamers, and so on. For people who don’t want to participate in any event, you can do a birthday fundraiser for quick and hassle-free donations.

    Either way, these ideas are sure to make good money and raise awareness for your cause.

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